Grief Books

A few posts ago I mentions writing something about my current reads. I am excited to do this because it may be another way that we can build a community for us grieving our loved ones. Like I mentioned in my last post I want this community to break through the typical stereotypes of grief. One of my favorite ways to learn is through reading. I bought a lot of books on grief, I am even had some beautiful friends send me a book. (My whole heart thanks you two for this lovely, inspiring book. It was such a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Thank you for being good friends to me. You know who you two are!)


The books on my grief shelf are as followed, in no particular order.


( *) Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed

( ! ) Everything Happens for A Reason, And Other Lies I’ve Loved by Kate Bowler

( ! ) Getting Grief Right by Patrick O’Malley

( * ) The Unspeakable Loss, How Do You Live After A Child Dies? By Nisha Zenoff

( ! ) Through The Eyes Of A Lion By Levi Lusko

( ! ) Healing After Loss, Daily Meditations by Martha W. Hickman

( * ) From Mother to Mother On The Loss Of A Child by Emily R. Long

( * ) You are the Mother Of All Mothers By Angela Miller

( I haven’t started this one yet) The Five Invitations By Frank Ostaseski


*  Books I have read.

! Books I am reading.


If you have read or are reading any of these books, message me and we can talk about them! I would love to eventually get a group together to meet in person to talk about books and grief. Please keep messaging me, I love hearing from all of you!


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